Retainers for extra security

0-24 availability during your most
important marketing & sales periods,
in exchange for a monthly fee.

What does a retainer mean for me?

Retainers at Proof mean that our team will be on standby and monitoring your website’s performance, fixing any issues the very moment they pop up.

When is a retainer useful for me?

If it’s crucial for your website to handle an outstandingly large amount of traffic without even a second of downtime, retainer is your best bet.

What are retainers at Proof?

Retainers at Proof can be project based, or specifically coordinated to your intensive marketing efforts. Either way, we can make sure your customers have the best experience possible. We provide fast, effective, high quality and dedicated support through our ticketing system.

Our retainer use case

We helped our partner EAA during their huge marketing campaign, where our website handled thousands of local and international requests all at once. Our availability made sure that they wouldn’t miss out on a single purchase or donation. They didn’t have any downtime, making it a huge win for both of us!

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