Branding that inspires

Great branding is the best way
to translate company values and
business quality to your customers.

How does your brand work for you?

A brand is more than a pretty logo and your business cards. A good brand is a strategy that supports your business for 5, 10, or even 25 years.

Good branding resonates with your customers. The most important job of brand identity is to convey your company values, and clearly communicate the benefits to your users.


What You Can Expect

Our past branding experience includes:
  • Creation of a clean, prestigious, authentic brand
  • Differentiating your brand from competitors
  • Creation of a straightforward, meaningful logo
  • Selecting colors & fonts to match your business
  • Print materials (e.g. brochures)
  • Creation of a brandbook
  • Custom design for items (mugs, phone cases)
  • Email signatures, social media post packages, etc.

Branding at Proof

During the design process, we help our partners clarify their business goals. Together, we strategize and plan how we can achieve them with the help of branding.

Achieving business goals

For this process, we analyse the target market, the competition and emerging trends. We create target audience profiles and base the brand on their needs.

Fortified marketing

We make sure to create an identity that supports the marketing messages of the company. This helps reach important targets and milestones, without scaling costs.


We like to let our projects speak for themselves, but we do offer two separate packages. The small branding service includes the color and font selection, business cards and most importantly, the logo. The big branding package includes everything else mentioned above, tailored of course to the needs of the specific partner.

We Love Great Design