UX & UI Design

Website design is about much more than just creating pretty visuals. Every solution we deliver is user-friendly and tailored to buyer personas, whilst always considering usability and accessibility.

UX design is essential

Design is about much more than just making things look nice. UX & UI design are essential in creating products that are easy to use, and create value. Every solution we deliver is user centric and tailored to buyer personas, whilst always considering usability and accessibility.

We look at UX as the strategic foundations of a B2B website that deliver an impact, whether the goal is to optimize user journeys, increase conversions or generate more leads.


What You Can Expect

Our past UX & UI design experience includes:
  • UX audit of all lacking areas
  • Design to promote business objectives
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Research to enhance user experience
  • Analysis of market characteristics
  • Mockups and prototypes based on data
  • Research to stimulate team efficiency
  • Creating style, design, brand guidelines

How do UX & UI support business results?

UX gives you the most important tool to success: a look into the users’ minds. Their needs and wants associated with your website are the base of our designers’ work. Our designers work hard to eliminate all of the frustrations your customers may experience.

By transforming your website into a truly seamless, enjoyable platform (user interface), you can expect great results. These results can be higher session duration, lower bounce rates, increased conversion rates, more successful marketing efforts, or simply more sales. 

UX & UI design steps

Naturally, the UX & UI design process is different for every partner depending on their needs and current website assets. That said, the general steps of the process are always the same.

First step is discovery

Through workshops, interviews, and surveys we discover our partner’s goals along with user requirements. The research during this stage serves as the foundation for the entire process. 

Second step is planning

This is where designers present their ideas and solutions that address customer needs. There’s plenty of flexibility during this stage, the wireframes and prototypes act as the perfect surface to fix remaining concerns. 

Third step is design itself

Creating the user interface (UI) the customers will interact with. The knowledge of previous steps is combined with graphic design excellence to create a surface that’s just as beautiful as it is pleasant to use.

We Love Great Design