UX Consulting

Website design is more than beautiful graphics. It should satisfy user needs, and provide a seamless user experience, which UX consulting helps with.

What do your
customers want?

UX consulting is perfect for those businesses who recognize that their website may not serve their customers as well as it used to – but aren’t sure if UX design is the way to fix it.

Our highly experienced team conducts research on the website in question and gathers data in order to provide a comprehensive picture of the benefits of a UX design solution. Thanks to this service, you can make the sensible decision whether to proceed based on your business and data.


What You Can Expect

Our past UX consulting experience includes:
  • UX audit of lacking areas
  • Thorough assessment of website usability
  • Research & user surveys
  • Analysis of competitors & market characteristics
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Finding ways to increase in-house efficiency

How does UX help achieve business results?

Your users needs and wants associated with your website determine its success. By transforming your website, you can expect higher session duration, lower bounce rates, increased conversion rates, more successful marketing efforts, and simply more sales. 

In order to achieve these results, you have to eliminate all frustrations your customers may experience on your website. Our designers research and execute just that, so you can have a seamless, enjoyable platform.

What is UX consulting at Proof?

It’s a type of business consulting, focusing on the usability and potential improvements of your website. It’s a great way to get lots of valuable information without committing to an entire website redesign. We learn about your business needs and goals in-depth, to see what ways are available in order to reach them.

Key activities

Looking at analytics, comparing them to industry trends, analyzing the brand coherence, information on tech trends, solutions to responsivity, structure and duplication issues, etc.

What’s the purpose?

You can find out if your website is holding your profitability back, or if your business platform isn’t working as intended. With a professional look at your website, you receive suggestions you can trust based on experience and data. 

What’s the outcome?

Equipped with all the facts from users and stakeholders you can make the decision that’s most sensible for your business. You also get an in-depth understanding of client needs and the current user experience of your website.

We Love Great Design