Rebranding the Együtt az Autistákért design & website

The Award-Winning Website of a Charity

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UX & UI Design
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A Brief Summary

Writing code and developing a website for a good cause has been a sensationally uplifting experience. It gave us a newfound motivation that our work would contribute to raising awareness and helping those living with autism spectrum disorders.

What was the project about?

The Együtt az Autistákért Alapítvány is a Hungarian charitable organization whose main goal is to help children with autism spectrum disorders, support their integration into communities, and provide long-term assistance to their families.

About the Foundation

They had been in operation since 2016 as the Út a Mosolyért Alapítvány (Road to Smiles Foundation) but changed their name in 2019 to further express their commitment to the cause. Since then, the foundation has organized a great number of charity concerts, flash mobs and other seasonal events throughout the years to try and break down the social stigma around autism.

The foundation expressed that they need a website which would serve as a simple platform for people to donate through.

1. Consultation

We sat down with our client multiple times to get a thorough understanding of what they wanted to communicate with the website. We concentrated on their challenges and together we conceptualized the functionality that would help solve those issues.

2. Research

Looking internationally, UNICEF had a similar donation system to what our client required. Even though our technological assets come nowhere near to what UNICEF has, we were determined to give our client a solution that’d be just as great, while staying within their strict budget.

3. Graphic Design

Our designers created wireframes thanks to their profound UI/UX knowledge. We also discussed how the content and the foundation’s message would be the most effective. By the end of this stage we had a comprehensive visual layout of the website.

4. Creating the Website

Following the design, our team at Proof developed the entire website. The biggest challenge was the donation system – where we needed to provide a lot of different options while keeping the page clean and simple. Our custom development was based on WordPress, which enabled us to be incredibly cost-effective and pretty quick.

5. E-commerce System

The foundation came up with a physical product, a blue heart pin, for people to purchase. Naturally, this meant they needed an e-commerce store to sell these pins. Our website had to be sturdy, since many Hungarian celebrities and influencers also backed the cause, opening it up to an international audience.

6. Multilingual Website

All the pages were only available in Hungarian when we started this project. The strict campaign deadlines meant we had 2 weeks to transform everything into English, while implementing the e-commerce store. We worked closely with a translation agency, who thankfully delivered on time.